Literature and History: The Development of American Culture to 1865

10/7 reading





In class last week we discussed Anne Bradstreet’s writings and how she seemed to  struggle with the roles of playing societies typical women being very modest and bashful of her writing . Criticizing it and its hardest critic yet at the same time still calming it to be her own. Especially with her “Author to her Book” and also in her “Birth before of of her Children” where we see Anne struggle with the idea of her death and her husbands new wife.She acknowledges the fact that he will move on yet she warns him to make sure the children are treated well and to always love her even after her death .Which leads to the last poem we discussed in class “Upon the Burning of Our House”where her struggles with accepting religion and just human emotions of lose are present. She also presents the idea to the reader that religion is her way of dealing with these events in life. I believe that Anne was very popular and influential because of her honest writing and for her time I feel her ideas where very modern.

Like the writing that we required to read this week of John Adams and Abigail Adams love letters.They were very sweet and respectful but still honest.When was was upset for a lack of response twas emotion was shown.Their relationship showed more then just a relationship formed on social standing but compassion .John also shows his wants to set aside his political duties and stay home to live a simple life with his family yet that is not exactly the ideal thing for him to do considering his role in society.

Thomas Jefferson only further proved to have thoughts and well beyond his time.Being the man responsible for the writing of the declaration of independence.His efforts and strong faith he showed towards breaking away from the England .Although at some points his argument in defense might sound a bit extreme but that’s what made his words capture his audience. It’s really inspiring and amazing to know that his writing still to this day is the core of the United States  so many years and revolutions later. His mind was so forward into thinking of all that would and could possible be an issue upon the new nation.

Then when readings Smiths theory on sympathy it was really eye opening yet again. When I think of having sympathy for someone you consider their lost  and put your self in their place yet,you will never really know or understand another persons lose because that can meshes differently from person to person . And people no matter what status enjoy yet comfort of another persons similar struggle.  Which reminds me of the saying misery loves company.Smith also touched on the idea of judging another persons opinion by the ideas of your own.It is true that none of these ideas seem of any importance  when thinking of the history of our nation but by understanding the human ideology and reasoning  makes it easier to relate inspire and gain their support.





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  1. While I was reading John and Abigail Adams love letter, I was surprised about how man and woman could communicate with each other on the same level. In my imagination, the typical women of 18th century don’t speak out what they were thinking and only obeyed to their husbands without saying any opinions of their own. However, from the John and Abigail Adams love letter, John and Abigail were respecting each other without discrimination of sex. The role of Abigail represents how important moms were at that time of declaration of independence. She was taking care of the household instead of her husband and tried to protect the house until her husband come back. Her dedication towards her family was great and I could imagine how she was helping John after he became the second president of America. And John, even if he was holding his duties as a politics for the independence of States, he showed his love toward his children and wife. I could feel that he wanted to put aside his duty (if it was possible) and run to his family and stay with them. From the letters of John and Abigail, I could learn that the independence of America were built through the sacrifice of families of 13 colonies and their patriotism.

    October 6, 2011 at 12:52 am

    • jacquibonaventure

      I also noticed how they maintained a balance between their duties, yet still were able to express such sincere love to each other. Though the letters were obviously from a different time, it felt a bit more modern to read about them talking about their responsibilities and keeping each other updated and still expressing their love for each other. Abigail acknowledged she had a promise to her family, that she would take care of her children and the household and all that accompanied them while John was gone. John acknowledged he had a promise to his country to be the representative he said he would be and to continue his job for the sake of giving his family a stable income and home. As a result of there being vulnerability in these letter, they feel a lot more sincere than the usual letters you would read between spouses of this time, which i enjoyed a lot.

      November 11, 2011 at 4:12 pm

  2. Even though John Adams had more education then Abigail, they had a beautiful married life. You can tell by the letters they write to each other. Abigail, in her letters, is asking questions as to updates on the work-in-progress for John and how she misses him and sometimes a little hint of advice. He responds with a run-down of his day to day activities. I found it very sweet how he would reveal secrets on what he was working on in letters to her and for her to keep confidential. One part of John’s letters stuck out to me the most, and that was when he was writing to Abigail and how they wanted to pray before a congressional meeting. Two members didn’t want to pray because of the different religious backgrounds; Episcopalian, Quakers, Anabaptists, Presbyterians, and Congregationalists. Finally they agreed to pray, and John stated to Abigail the ambiance, “unexpected to every body struck out into an extemporary prayer, which filled the bosom of every man present.”

    November 8, 2011 at 11:05 pm

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