Literature and History: The Development of American Culture to 1865


Equiano gave me a different version of “FREEDOM”. I don’t really care if he wrote the story on slavery completely base off of his own experience of not. I find that really silly because I think what he is trying to bring to the reader is the importance of his understanding through slavery not whether the story is worth reading because it’s not completely true. If a person can see an idea through others and wants to deliver it to the general public who are “BLINDED” and he have the ability to deliver it powerfully, I don’t think it’s necessary to hold him against whether he wrote it completely from his own experience.

Reading his writing about slavery however did surprising gave me a completely perspective in SLAVERY and FREEDOM. Most of the time we see slavery as a horrible thing to have to go through and freedom would be making this person FREE from slavery. But we never really know what it is that we are freeing them from. Most of the time we FREE them as then we don’t know what to do with them next. How can you free one person into something an environment that they have no idea about. I think reading Equiano was a little disturbing for me at first because we see him transition into a person who adapts the western culture surprisingly well. He completely shed away his culture and adapted to the western culture. He sees that they are more advance and he wanted to be like them so he went through religious conversion and also survival of the fittest. I think the idea of freedom to a slave changed in my mind. I also see how he changes his situation from bad to good. I think Equiano was very positive and knew what he needed to do to survive. I think most of us is trying to survive in this world and even if we are not a slave we are trying to free ourselves from SOMETHING. Work, Money or Burdens. It seems like there are always certain things that hold us down and make us feel like we need LIBERATION. However, what is liberation? Equiano did receive the amazing opportunity to travel the world and see so many different points of views. He was educated and taught ideas that he probably would have never heard of if he stayed in Africa. Slavery is not good, that I will say is 100% true. But if we just take this away from Slavery I think Equiano hits an important understanding factor of our lives. Sometimes in life we just have to go with the Flow. What life leads us into and make the best out of it. Free ourselves from ourselves is what I got from Equiano’s writing.


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