Literature and History: The Development of American Culture to 1865

John Adam

Reading John Adam’s theory and his letters with his wife shows me that he is a much more calmer person than most of the political leaders at his time. He seems to be the person that is philosophical and think radically about the problem and the future of America. No doubt that he’s heart is with America because most of his letter talks about what his dream for this new country is and what his fear also. He believes that America is a revolution that will bring a new age to the world. The ideas that comes with America’s liberation from Britain will be a new chapter in many people’s life. One of his theory struck me with the similarity to what I’ve been thinking about lately. His theory on the social and the unsocial. Adam brings the question about how much can we really feel the pain of another person unless we actually went through the exact same process? Can we really sympathize those around us who are going through a personal hardship or pain? He then goes on and talks about how should one expresses pain and anger in a way that people could “ACCEPT”. Most of the time when we are near someone who is hysterically upset or angry we generally walk around that person and avoid him/ her. This is accurate even to this day and I think Adam’s on to something that is not only true to his generation but will always hold true to HUMAN BEINGS. The idea that we CAN bring ourselves to other people’s feeling and points of view if we allow ourselves to be humble and sympathetic by heightening our moral and imagination. Adam also suggest that it is also important to know WHAT to sympathize towards and if you SHOULD sympathize with. Everyone have eyes and can have compassion but it is important to cultivate your eyes and use your sympathy correctly. At the time I think Adam is urging his fellow American to come together as one and feel each other’s pain and understand each other with compassion, However to not fall into the hole of feeling without thinking. He also wants people to know that we should never become so vicious that we loose our humanity. The new generation rises in American after their declaration of independence. This new emerging idea of freedom is something that people can “FEEL”. Adam wants his reader to “FEEL” this idea and not only FEEL it but cultivate yourself to UNDERSTAND it. Help this movement move in the correct way with a compassion heart but cultivated mind. I believe his theory works in our every day lives. If we understand his theory it can be used on practically everything and it changes your point of view from SELF to OTHERS. It also changes your perspective on sharpening your thinking ability and understanding so that you have a mind of your own to count on when a newly revolutionary idea comes upon you. That this idea won’t make you irrational and lost but that you have what it takes to fully indulge it and process it so the best result may be delivered.


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