Literature and History: The Development of American Culture to 1865

Thomas Paine

When I read Thomas Paine I always feel a little worried for him. It seems like he really just “SAY” whatever he wants and somehow makes the weirdest connection between points that really seems to link with the COMMON PEOPLE that might not had the opportunity to have a full education. I like reading him because I feel like he is a honest man and what he write he exactly what he FELT inside. He is not covering the whole truth and embellishing his idea to fit the general public. He is not concerned with how other people perceived him. When Ben Franklin discovered him and recommended him to the American it was almost like being discovered from the street for Paine. He had the heart and courage to stand against the WORLD and be ahead of his time. However, we see that it was the aggressiveness that gave him his succes Paine s and failure. From the Common Sense to “Age of Reason” we hear the same voice but received different results. I applaud him for his courage but if we go back to what Adam Smith was talking about. The theory about how to release your anger and emotion correctly we can say Thomas completely failed. He can definitely “FEEL” but maybe if he took some of that “FEELING” back and think through it he wouldn’t have had such a harsh ending. However, we might then never have the opportunity to read something so NOT HIS GENERATION like the “Age of Reason” and see that idea being slowly processed through America’s history. I think he was bold enough to start the idea of questions whether religion is “THE WAY” to life and gave many after him to use him as a shelter or starting point. I believe that many before him also felt similar to what he was saying but never quite had the guts to just write a book on it. He took the lead and had a really depressing end to his leadership but most leaders tends to sacrifice a lot for what they believe it. If that idea is completely out of the mind of the public they usually receives sad results but after they death we see their ideas emerging into something else.


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